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Education: Maryland Institute, College of Art, BFA, Graphic Design, cum laude

Wine, Saké & Food Label & Packaging Design, Advertising, Collateral Print


Architecture/Engineering/Real Estate/Development

Educational/College Recruitment


Identity and Collateral from Corporations to Small Business and Individuals

Exhibits, Signage, Sculpture

Apple Macintosh & PC Platform. Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, per project photography

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Visual Information Designer. Innovative & analytical creative director and production specialist that initiates and develops concepts, from inspiration to fruition for a multitude of industries. Marketing savvy, concise wordsmith with event coordination and planning to project management. Collaborates with illustrators, photographers, marketing, sales teams, account executives, construction professionals, and various vendors.

  1. Published in “Best of Print Magazine” for Identity Program: “Technical Publications” CAD Company in San Francisco, California, design of logo & letterhead package
  2. Designed, financed and published Bicycle-themed Postcard-Calendar. Perforated, tear-out postcards inter-leafed with translucent vellum monthly calendar pages, eco-conscious before eco was fashionable
  3. Participated as Graphic Designer in “ART & COMMERCE & INDUSTRY” Group Show,
    Baltimore, Maryland with Baltimore Artists, Photographers, Illustrators and Designers


Relevant Experience:

  • Treasury Wine Estates Graphic Designer involving brand, direct-to consumer collateral, signage, etc.
  • San Francisco Advertising Agency experience — SSW, VICOM/FCB, RKR, and others, in healthcare-pharmaceutical industry
  • Small-to-medium SF design studios working on Wells Fargo and Levi’s accounts
  • Wine Club Manager Direct-to-Consumer Sales and 3-Tier Shipping management for California-grown Italian varietals; former collector of French Bordeaux wines
  • Photographic Art direction: from college recruitment/capital campaigns to corp financial annual reports, real estate/architecture, medical/pharmaceutical, and tech
  • Create & maintain & archive files, proof reading, production, press checks
  • Maintain Apple hardware, software, printers, scanners and copiers
  • Mechanical drawing, fire protection drafting, exhibit design, interior/exterior sign design, project installation, construction and project management experience
  • Dental/oral surgery office chair-side assist & office admin
  • Garden/landscape design
  • Retail sales American Crafts: hand-crafted jewelry, blown-glass, custom wood products & furniture
  • Interest in French, Italian and Spanish language, food & wines

An influence to my design aesthetics are my European travels which began after college graduation – skiing in Slovenia. Every visit to another country provided a way to re-energize and view design through another culture. These travels influenced my design development in subtle ways — a new look at a typeface, color use, painting style, or shape of a sign. My design senses expanded while experiencing these new continents or country, allowing me new influences for my next creative endeavor. Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, Britain, Scotland, France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand …



Sampson & Company
Greg Sampson has 20-plus years experience in healthcare communications as an award winning art director, writer and strategic partner. Previously as creative director/partner at SSW Communications in San Francisco where he was instrumental in several product launches for Genentech, and developed SSW’s Corporate Communications division, specializing in corporate branding, promotional campaigns, and annual reports for Genentech, Gilead, Deltagen and Exelixis. Prior to SSW he was a Vice President, Associate Creative Director at FCB Healthcare. He created the “Art.Rage.Us” work for The Breast Cancer Fund which won Best of Show in Medical Marketing Association’s In Awe Awards. He served on the Breast Cancer Fund’s Board of Directors for 5 years and is presently on the Board and Judge for the CLIO Healthcare Awards. Presently providing creative solutions for both healthcare clients and advertising agencies.



GML Consulting
New product development for companies, having worked with Claris, Apple, Netscape and i-drive. Advising start-ups in all aspects of their business models and products. Presently developing mobile appls for the iPhone and other platforms.






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